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4000W High Power Thyristor Electronic Volt Regulator Governor Speed Controller -R179 Drop Shipping

  • Circuit functions:
  • AC 0V-220V continuously adjustable, zero lag, zero latency, super cooling
  • Circuit characteristics:
  • Anti-surge, anti-spikes, RC absorb multiple protection
  • Technical parameters:
  • Voltage: AC 220V
  • Max Power: 4000W
  • Voltage Regulation: AC 0V-220V continuously adjustable
  • Size: high temperature fire FR4 circuit boards, circuit board size 60*45*43mm/2.36*1.77*1.69"
  • Usage:
  • The voltage regulator circuit used in series, voltage regulators and lamps, electrical appliances connected in series in the circuit (ie, the lamps, and other electrical appliances or disconnect any FireWire zero line one, then in the "product" of wiring both terminals), turn the knob cap, you can adjust the light, speed, thermostat, pressure; simple and convenient
  • Quantity:1pc
    • 1 x Electronic Volt Regulator
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